Friday Night Greetings from Grizzly Adams — reading Yeats!

Howdy, everyone! I have to keep it short tonight. (Rare for me, I know.) Tonight’s Friday Night Greetings is below. And don’t worry about my health… That’s not a fungus on my face, I just need to shave. Take care, and have a wonderful Sabbath!

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Essentially, this is just a tour of my backyard

Howdy, everyone! I’m not sure why I thought you might want a tour of my backyard, but that is most of tonight’s Friday Night Greetings video. Consider it just a reflection of my 1 Thessalonians 2:8 feelings for all of you: “So, affectionately longing for you, we were well pleased to impart to you not […]

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No, I’m not holding the camera myself…

Howdy! My apologies this is up so late — as you will see, I actually recorded it much earlier. And, no, I was not holding the camera myself: my Beautiful Wife was doing that while I creeped along the highway at about, on average, 3 mph. Who knew the road to Akron could get so […]

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Late for us, Later for you!

Howdy! My apologies — being in a different time zone, this is being posted even later for you than it is for us! I won’t preview it much and will, rather, just let the video do the talking. Take care, we love you, and we look forward to being in our area again! As a […]

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Very late & short FNG while in MO for LYC!

Howdy! I know — the greetings are¬†terribly late this evening. After arriving here at the hotel in Missouri around dinner time, the family and I just “vegetablized” here in the room recovering from the ride, and, before you knew it, the evening was up and it was time to go to bed! My apologies. The […]

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Reflections on grieving and comments about this year’s camps

Howdy, everyone! I will keep it short and move you along straight to the video. I pray that you are having a peaceful Sabbath rest this evening. Take care!

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Thoughts on the week’s events in Iraq and prophecy

Prophecy does move forward! In fact, it does so even if your pastor mispronounces “caliphate” (for the record, it’s “kal’-uh-fate” among other possibilities). If you’d like to read some news on the matter, Sky News has been doing a pretty thorough job. Here is some of their reporting. Check them out here. Also, one of […]

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Pre-Pentecost Ponderings

Howdy, everyone, and I pray that your week has gone well! In a rare burst of preparedness, I am posting my Friday Night Greetings video a bit early. It doesn’t make up for missing one entirely a couple of weeks ago, but hopefully it is a nice change of pace. Tonight’s video is below and […]

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Filmed late and posted quickly Friday Night Greetings

Howdy, from Altoona! My wife and I are here in Pennsylvania after visiting with some folks interested in the Church. They were so excited! Consequently, after a great deal of driving, I am tuckered. So, here is tonight’s video, filmed late and posted quickly. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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My apologies — no Friday Night Greetings, tonight! Enjoy this instead

Well, I feel terrible, but I don’t have a Friday Night Greetings video to put out tonight, and I apologize to those of you who may have kept checking the website to see if one would show up. Frankly, after Mr. & Mrs. Ames arrived and then the Robinsons, there was so much fun discussion […]

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