Thoughts on the significance of Pentecost

Howdy, all! Not too many Friday Night Greetings left! Up tonight: an update on our house’s sale (went under contract Sunday!) and some thoughts on how beautifully significant Pentecost is to all of us. Take care, and have a beautiful Sabbath. The video is below.

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The Bible on what God says is even worse than going after other gods, plus an update on our move

Howdy! I won’t say too much, tonight — just send you on your way to the video. Tonight, the video has an update about our move, some thoughts on something God says is even worse than following other gods (and you know He hates that), and a reminder that Pentecost is approaching — so let’s […]

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A special “Times Two” edition (with bloopers!) of “Five Questions” Friday Night Greetings from Charlotte!

Howdy, everyone! My wife and I are in Pennsylvania and looking forward to services in Pittsburgh and Akron tomorrow. I hope you had a wonderful week. It was a very busy and exciting one for us, and the Council of Elders meetings went very smoothly. Although we looked a bit while we could, we did […]

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He really is alive! A Friday Night Greeting to prove it!

Howdy, everyone. Well, FINALLY I’ve gotten back to doing some Friday Night Greetings! My apologies that I’ve missed the last few. And my apologies for getting right to it, as it’s late and I’ve got to get to bed! Tonight’s video is below. (And, no, I haven’t shrunk. The laptop is on a box on […]

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Yet another videoless Friday Night Greetings

Howdy, everyone, and I’m sorry! It’s been 15 days since my last Friday Night Greetings video, and once again time and circumstances have caught up with me and I don’t have one. This might be the biggest gap I’ve had in years! It’s too bad, too — we had dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Rod […]

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Very Flat-and-Not-At-All-Fluffy Friday Night Greetings

Howdy, everyone! Many of you may not even see this, given the fellowship we’ll all be enjoying tonight, but I thought I would post it anyway. As we begin the Spring Holy Days, all of you are on my minds, and I hope you are well. The Friday Night Greetings for this evening is below. […]

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More-Rambly-than-Normal Friday Night Greetings!

Howdy! Tonight’s Friday Night Greetings feels ever ramblier than usual. Not sure why — maybe just excited to be home. Had fish for dinner, and fish is supposed to be “brain food,” but I don’t think it helped me out in this case! Still, hopefully you will find something worthwhile in there. Mainly, tonight, I […]

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(Last) Friday Night Greetings

The title doesn’t mean “the last Friday Night Greetings” but “Greetings from last Friday night”! The video I tried to post last week did not get completely uploaded to YouTube until well after I had gone to bed. So, I am posting it up tonight. My apologies if anything I say in the video is […]

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Pi Day babbling, 15 seconds of fame, and accepting God’s priorities

Howdy, everyone! It’s a longer than normal FNG video tonight (just under 20 minutes), so I’ll keep it brief and point you there. The first part is about Pi Day, so if you need to, feel free to fast forward over the first few minutes. [UPDATE: OK, I am sitting here ready to hit the […]

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Suggestions for pre-Passover examination and meditation

Howdy! Keeping it super brief tonight (especially for me!) and passing you straight to the video. Take care, pray for God’s intervention for those who need it, and have a peaceful and profitable Sabbath. Greetings for tonight are below.

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