See a storm coming? Great, but…

Howdy! I hope everyone is in the middle of a wonderful start to their Sabbath! I won’t linger — I’ve got a sermon to wrap up and a nice comfy bed to sleep in! Tonight’s greetings video is below. Have a wonderful Sabbath! (Also, as a reminder: If you need info about local Feast of […]

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Back in Ohio — with softball pics!

Howdy, everyone! My family and I are back in Ohio after a very profitable trip to Charlotte. The telecast tapings went very smoothly, and they¬†were a pleasure to do. Thank you for your prayers! Folks in Charlotte told me to pass their hellos on to all of you — so “Hello!” The Friday Night Greetings […]

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Apologies — no greetings tonight

I do apologize! After a wonderful dinner over at a local family’s house tonight (thank you, local family, for inviting us over!), I had several pastoral responsibilities to attend to, leaving things rather late before I could create a Friday Night Greetings video — so none tonight, I’m afraid! We’ll be on our way back […]

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Thoughts on storms and shelters

Howdy! Trying to keep it short tonight. After being invisible to my family for the middle part of this week, doing my best tonight to remind them of who I am. Here’s tonight’s greetings video. Have a beautiful Sabbath!

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Being mindful of the fundamentals, and an appearance by the hairiest cat in the world

Howdy, everyone, and I pray that your Sabbath is off to a beautiful and restful start! Keeping things short for once — tonight’s Friday Night Greetings video is below.

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Post-Camp Friday Night Greetings

Howdy! My apologies that I did not get any Friday night Greetings made while I was at camp. It sincerely was my intention, but usually by the time I remembered it, it was way too late and way too dark. Still, I hope you had wonderful Sabbaths, anyway! If anyone has not seen any of […]

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Friday Night Greetings from Grizzly Adams — reading Yeats!

Howdy, everyone! I have to keep it short tonight. (Rare for me, I know.) Tonight’s Friday Night Greetings is below. And don’t worry about my health… That’s not a fungus on my face, I just need to shave. Take care, and have a wonderful Sabbath!

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Essentially, this is just a tour of my backyard

Howdy, everyone! I’m not sure why I thought you might want a tour of my backyard, but that is most of tonight’s Friday Night Greetings video. Consider it just a reflection of my 1 Thessalonians 2:8 feelings for all of you: “So, affectionately longing for you, we were well pleased to impart to you not […]

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No, I’m not holding the camera myself…

Howdy! My apologies this is up so late — as you will see, I actually recorded it much earlier. And, no, I was not holding the camera myself: my Beautiful Wife was doing that while I creeped along the highway at about, on average, 3 mph. Who knew the road to Akron could get so […]

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Late for us, Later for you!

Howdy! My apologies — being in a different time zone, this is being posted even later for you than it is for us! I won’t preview it much and will, rather, just let the video do the talking. Take care, we love you, and we look forward to being in our area again! As a […]

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