Back from the distant land of Nashville!

Howdy, everyone, and I pray that your Sabbath is off to a wonderful start! I won’t say too much, since the video is a bit long, tonight. Most of it is spent summarizing some of the events of this past week, where my Beautiful Wife and I attended the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, Tennessee. […]

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Snow Day Bible Study is FINALLY UP!

Well, it took long enough! My apologies — I had no idea it would take so long to upload and process. Maybe the Internet slows down for snow days, too, huh? Please fine below our “Snow Day Bible Study” on the topic of “What Is the Fate of the Devil?” And, please, as mentioned in […]

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Snow Day Bible Study is on the way… [UPDATED]

[UPDATE #3, 5:00PM] It is FINALLY uploaded! You can find it here: “Snow Day Bible Study is FINALLY UP!” [UPDATE #2, 4:15PM] Well, my apologies for the CONTINUED delay! It is taking some time, for some reason, to upload. The Bible Study is actually taking longer to upload it than it took to do live […]

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Warm greetings on a cold Friday night

Howdy, everyone! I wish we could all be together tomorrow, but, as I say in tonight’s greetings, think of this winter-weather-enforced house arrest as a special opportunity to spend some extra time fellowshipping with your own family and seeking God all the more. As I mention in the greetings video below, I do plan to […]

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Late night thoughts on self-examination and balance

Howdy, and my apologies for a late Friday Night Greetings! It’s a bit longer than usual tonight, although it is mainly just an update on our move and house-selling preparations and some thoughts on including a look at how balanced we are as individuals as we begin thoughts of self-examination in the lead up to […]

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Video-less greetings from a cold, cold place…

…which could be anywhere these days. Howdy, everyone! My apologies for the lack of a Friday Night Greetings video, tonight. My Beautiful Wife and I have traveled north for some counseling appointments and services in Pittsburgh and Akron tomorrow, and the night has fled away without my making a video. I thought about it for a moment in […]

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Sometimes the mess has a purpose

Howdy, everyone, and I hope you are having a good Sabbath! I’ll skip any preliminary comments and go straight to the video tonight. It is below. Take care!

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Greetings en route!

Howdy, everyone! I will keep it VERY short tonight — especially for me! — and go straight to the video, which is below. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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Electronic garbage in the closet and Passover

Howdy! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sabbath. We certainly are so far! Even if you aren’t participating in the Cincinnati Auction this Saturday night, I hope you will take a few moments to look at the auction page and admire the handiwork of many of your fellow LCG Ohioans, who have crafted some […]

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FNG is back! Plus: Some thoughts on the state of “freedom of expression”

Howdy, everyone, and it is good to be back! My apologies that I did not get a greeting out over the last two weekends, but it is nice to break the streak tonight, even though it is a bit late! Before I get to the video, though, let me highlight four other items. FIRST: There is […]

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