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Warm greetings on a cold Friday night

Howdy, everyone! I wish we could all be together tomorrow, but, as I say in tonight’s greetings, think of this winter-weather-enforced house arrest as a special opportunity to spend some extra time fellowshipping with your own family and seeking God all the more. As I mention in the greetings video below, I do plan to […]

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Electronic garbage in the closet and Passover

Howdy! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sabbath. We certainly are so far! Even if you aren’t participating in the Cincinnati Auction this Saturday night, I hope you will take a few moments to look at the auction page and admire the handiwork of many of your fellow LCG Ohioans, who have crafted some […]

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FNG is back! Plus: Some thoughts on the state of “freedom of expression”

Howdy, everyone, and it is good to be back! My apologies that I did not get a greeting out over the last two weekends, but it is nice to break the streak tonight, even though it is a bit late! Before I get to the video, though, let me highlight four¬†other items. FIRST: There is […]

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Another video-less Friday Night — what’s up with that?

Howdy! My apologies — things were pretty hectic here getting ready for the Bible Study in Kansas City, and by the time I have gotten to this, it is already 1:30AM and I am in a small, dark room with sleeping children. So, I’m afraid I will, once again, miss doing a Friday Night Greetings […]

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A Physical Fast, But a Spiritual Feast!

Howdy, everyone, and I hope your Day of Atonement is off to a wonderful start! Ours is, and we are looking forward to spending tomorrow in extra study and prayer and, later, with some of you at services and in fellowship. This is the last video we’ll be posting before the Feast of Tabernacles, so […]

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Bible Study page updated

Just an FYI: The Bible Study page has been updated for the next two booklet-based Bible Studies and printable PDF self-quizzes are ready to be downloaded. Just visit the page for details. You will note that there are a few “TBA” dates given. We need to find a good, central location for the studies in […]

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Howdy, everyone! This is a quick note to say that Sabbath Services this weekend are NOT where they were announced last Sabbath (that is, NOT at the “Log Cabin” hall, like we thought). Instead, they will be at the same location were we held Passover Services earlier this year. Either today or tomorrow, you should […]

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