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FNG is back! Plus: Some thoughts on the state of “freedom of expression”

Howdy, everyone, and it is good to be back! My apologies that I did not get a greeting out over the last two weekends, but it is nice to break the streak tonight, even though it is a bit late! Before I get to the video, though, let me highlight four¬†other items. FIRST: There is […]

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Another video-less Friday Night — what’s up with that?

Howdy! My apologies — things were pretty hectic here getting ready for the Bible Study in Kansas City, and by the time I have gotten to this, it is already 1:30AM and I am in a small, dark room with sleeping children. So, I’m afraid I will, once again, miss doing a Friday Night Greetings […]

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Update on dad and thoughts on love as a choice

Howdy, everyone, and I hope your Sabbath is off to a beautiful start! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Cincy and Columbus tomorrow. Tonight’s greetings video is below. My apologies — I had the microphone on my dresser where it is under the air conditioning, and I think at times the air comes on […]

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No Friday Night Greetings, tonight

Howdy, everyone. Today has been one of those days! I’m afraid that there will be no Friday Night Greetings video, tonight. Still, that does not mean that you are not being greeted: Greetings, and welcome to the Sabbath! Take joy in this day of rest, hug closely to yourselves those you love, forgive those who’ve […]

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A pleasantly busy week, and thoughts on judging others

I hope all of you are well this Sabbath! For once, the Friday Night Greetings video is done at a decent time! It is below. Have a beautiful Sabbath Day!

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Five Questions with Tyler and Michelle!

Howdy, everyone! I’ll be brief tonight and go right to our video. Below is our usual Friday Night Greetings, this time with a quick “five questions” with Tyler Wayne and Michelle Meredith. I also thought it would be fun to post the “five questions” video I did with Tyler, alone, many moons ago from our […]

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Post-Charlotte Trip, Pre-Thanksgiving Greetings!

Howdy, everyone! Keeping it short — tonight’s greetings are below. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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Five Questions with Dr. Scott Winnail!

Howdy, everyone! My apologies — I’ve been missing some Friday Night Greetings, recently, but I make up for it tonight! We were here in Charlotte at the house of Dr. and Mrs. Scott Winnail, and he graciously agreed to sit down with me for a session of “five questions” for our greetings, tonight. So, watch […]

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Howdy, everyone! My apologies. My family and I are in Virginia visiting with Mr. & Mrs. Jason Fritts where I will be speaking at combined services tomorrow before we continue on to Charlotte. I’m afraid that we got so caught up in fellowshipping with Mr. & Mrs. Fritts and their cute kiddos that the time […]

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Post-Feast Ponderin’

Howdy! I know it’s late tonight, so I’m keeping it short. Tonight’s greetings video is below. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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