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Thoughts on the significance of Pentecost

Howdy, all! Not too many Friday Night Greetings left! Up tonight: an update on our house’s sale (went under contract Sunday!) and some thoughts on how beautifully significant Pentecost is to all of us. Take care, and have a beautiful Sabbath. The video is below.

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Very Flat-and-Not-At-All-Fluffy Friday Night Greetings

Howdy, everyone! Many of you may not even see this, given the fellowship we’ll all be enjoying tonight, but I thought I would post it anyway. As we begin the Spring Holy Days, all of you are on my minds, and I hope you are well. The Friday Night Greetings for this evening is below. […]

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A Physical Fast, But a Spiritual Feast!

Howdy, everyone, and I hope your Day of Atonement is off to a wonderful start! Ours is, and we are looking forward to spending tomorrow in extra study and prayer and, later, with some of you at services and in fellowship. This is the last video we’ll be posting before the Feast of Tabernacles, so […]

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Bonus Greetings: Have a wonderful Feast of Trumpets!

Howdy, everyone! It’s not Friday night, but in the event anyone is coming out here to the website, I thought I would make a greetings, anyway. So, you know you were thought of! 🙂 Have a safe trip to services, and we’ll see everyone in Columbus! Bonus greetings video is below.

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See a storm coming? Great, but…

Howdy! I hope everyone is in the middle of a wonderful start to their Sabbath! I won’t linger — I’ve got a sermon to wrap up and a nice comfy bed to sleep in! Tonight’s greetings video is below. Have a wonderful Sabbath! (Also, as a reminder: If you need info about local Feast of […]

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Pre-Pentecost Ponderings

Howdy, everyone, and I pray that your week has gone well! In a rare burst of preparedness, I am posting my Friday Night Greetings video a bit early. It doesn’t make up for missing one entirely a couple of weeks ago, but hopefully it is a nice change of pace. Tonight’s video is below and […]

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“Noah” movie comments and thoughts on true foundations

Howdy, everyone! Today’s Friday Night Greetings is longer than usual. A bit of babbling, some talk about the Creation Weekend, comments about the Noah movie “gracing” theaters (Yep: It’s Satanic), and thoughts motivated by the mudslide disaster in Washington. Quite a potpourri of randomness — still, I hope it is profitable. Have a wonderful Sabbath! […]

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Pi Day thoughts for the NTBMO (believe it or not)

Just a few Pi Day-inspired thoughts as we prepare for the Spring Holy Days coming up. I hope all of you are experiencing a wonderful start to your Sabbath! In the video, below, I refer to my blog post of today. Here is a link to that post: “Happy Pi Day! (Teach the controversy…)” Also, […]

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How members can access Live Festival Video/Audio during the Feast

Howdy! As I mentioned at services in the announcements, I am posting instructions below for accessing the live Festival feeds online. I will list Missouri’s first and then Florida’s. — WGS Daily Live FOT Services from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, available via Internet, Roku and telephone: For anyone who is unable to attend Feast services […]

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Hungry, Thirsty, Etc. Friday Night Greetings

Howdy, everyone! Welcome to the Day of Atonement, and I pray that it is off to a profitable start for you! I’m going to keep this post small and just refer you to the video below. However, I will add that I plan to post here on our local website instructions for accessing the “live […]

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