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The Feast is coming quickly — may the Kingdom also!

Howdy, everyone!  Tonight’s video contains some talk about the Feast, the Kingdom, and climactic attitudes in the end times.  Also, don’t forget that maps to our Trumpets services are available here (you’ll need the password we gave out at services, which will be repeated this Sabbath). The Friday Night Greetings video is below.  Have a wonderful […]

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Maps to Trumpets Services for 2012

Mr. Roger Hagmaier has made some maps available for use showing the location of the hall we will use for the Feast of Trumpets. Because I do not publish such information where it is accessible by the general public, you will have to know the password which will be given at services tomorrow, 8/25/2012. Here […]

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Isn’t it amazing that we have access to God’s Spirit?

Howdy, everyone! I hope your preparation day has gone well and that you’ve been able to meditate on the wonderful truths surrounding the Feast of Weeks in the lead up to this wonderful weekend!  In tonight’s Friday Night Greetings video, I ponder a bit one particular thing about what Pentecost means that has long struck […]

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Map of area around Fort Rapids Resort

Howdy, all! In addition to the map at services, some might be interested in knowing the locations of outdoors parks around the Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark and Resort for the upcoming Holy Day. Click HERE for a map of the are surrounding the resort, which shows a few parks. Google maps (HERE) could be used […]

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Preparatory ponderings for Pentecost

Howdy! A few thoughts on preparing for Pentecost tonight, as well as upcoming meetings. Take care, and have a wonderful Sabbath!

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A greeting before our bread begins getting fluffy, again…

Howdy, everyone! I’m putting out the usual “Friday” Night Greetings on a Thursday, today, since I don’t know what the state of my Internet connection will be this Friday night. And besides, tomorrow is a Sabbath, after all! In addition to the video below, I thought I would include to the recent blog post I […]

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Pre-NTBMO greetings

Howdy! Not much time as we (like many of you!) are getting ready for tonight. Friday Night Greetings — or pre-Night To Be Much Observed Greetings, as it might be! — are below. Have a wonderful, meaningful evening in your gathering tonight, and I pray that the Days of Unleavened Bread are spiritually profitable for […]

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Pre-Atonement, Pre-Feast Greetings!

Howdy, everyone!  Tonight’s pre-Atonement, pre-Feast, Friday Night Greetings video is below. By way of reminder, if you find yourself sick during the Feast or if you are among those who is unable to go this year due to failing health (or failing employment), please remember that services will be broadcast live every day from New […]

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Have a wonderful Feast of Trumpets!

I had hoped to have a special non-Friday Night Greetings tonight in honor of the Feast of Trumpets, but it was not to be. However, I did post some thoughts about the Feast of Trumpets and the Holy Days in general on my personal blog, which some of you may want to read. Here’s a […]

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Pre-Feast of Trumpets Greeting!

Howdy, everyone! I had a few moments on my hands and thought I would tape an unexpected greeting to anyone who just might check out the local site to see if there is anything here. 🙂 Have a wonderful Feast of Trumpets!

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