Our first Friday Night Greetings on the new website!

Howdy, everyone! Yes, we can finally post Friday Night Greetings on our own website. So those of you who have been watching these over at eastmissourilcg.org can now come here.

I should mention, I suppose, that calling it “ohiolcg.org” seems to leave out Pittsburgh (hello, Pittsburgh folks!). However, I did think about it, and (1) folks in our congregations are from several states: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, (2) the website name “www.indianakentuckyohiopennsylvaniaandasliverofwestvirgina.org” was, admittedly, not taken, but it does seem a bit unwieldy, and (3) “Ohio” is a nice, short way to define this region, given that its good and short (how economical!) and it is the one state that is covered entirely (and centrally) by this church area.

So, no slight intended! But sometimes there is a real benefit to brevity. 🙂

The Friday Night Greetings video is below (and very late–my apologies!). Have a marvelous Sabbath! And I should say this: My thanks to my children who were actually able to keep quiet here in the hotel room long enough for me to make this video. A whole 5 minutes! Wow!

P.S. OK, now that I’ve seen this video, I realize that the last 3 minutes of it (67%) is virtually inaudible. Apparently, we accidentally covered the microphone at that point. I will try to see if there is a place here in the hotel where I can make another video, but we might just have to make do with this one! Be back in a flash…

P.P.S. Success! I’ve posted a new Friday Night Greetings video — hopefully, we can hear all of this one! (Sorry it’s so shaky!)

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