Welcome to our new site!

Howdy, all, and welcome to the new website for the Living Church of God congregations in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania!  We are still adding features as we find the time, and I can’t predict whether things will change quickly or suddenly for the first few weeks, but–hey–at least it’s a start!

If you get your information from a local source (such as the fine work done up in Akron), continue to check that source as we don’t intend to replace any of that work.  Rather, this will become a centralized resource for all four of our congregations and links to details for each congregation will eventually be made available.  This will also be where area-wide announcements and resources (handouts, Bible Study materials, etc.) can be made available and our weekly Friday Night Greetings can be posted.

More details are forthcoming as the dust of construction settles.  Until then, suggestions would be welcome!  Just pass them on using the contact info on the right.

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