Warm greetings on a cold Friday night

Howdy, everyone! I wish we could all be together tomorrow, but, as I say in tonight’s greetings, think of this winter-weather-enforced house arrest as a special opportunity to spend some extra time fellowshipping with your own family and seeking God all the more.

As I mention in the greetings video below, I do plan to post a local Bible Study for all of us here on our local website sometime tomorrow after lunch. I do not plan to leave it here after the Sabbath, and I expressly do not want it shared by social media (Facebook, et al.) or other means, as I would like to preserve the local aspect of our sermons and Bible studies. However, you are certainly welcome to come back and watch!

The means by which it will be recorded and watched is still in the works, but most likely it will be just like a Friday Night Greetings video, and you will be able to come here and view it. However, it might also be a link that you will need to click on. Regardless, the information will be posted here on ohiolcg.org when it is ready. And I wish I could give you an exact time, but I am too cognizant of the sorts of things you run into when someone like me tries to do something like this! Being longer than one of my usual greetings videos, it will take a while to upload. However, I am aiming at 1:00PM. But if you come at 1:00 and don’t see it, don’t give up — just check back later.

Tonight’s greetings video is below. Have a beautiful Sabbath, wherever you are!

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