Snow Day Bible Study is on the way… [UPDATED]

[UPDATE #3, 5:00PM] It is FINALLY uploaded! You can find it here: “Snow Day Bible Study is FINALLY UP!”

[UPDATE #2, 4:15PM] Well, my apologies for the CONTINUED delay! It is taking some time, for some reason, to upload. The Bible Study is actually taking longer to upload it than it took to do live here at the house! Still, when it is done uploading, I will still post it. We’ll see if it gets done before the end of the Sabbath!

[UPDATE #1, 2:30PM] My apologies for the delay — it is uploading as I type this comment right now! Will put it up as soon as YouTube has it ready.

…a little later, today. Like I mentioned in the Friday Night Greetings video last night and in the announcements we sent out, we are doing a Bible Study, today! But it will be later than 1:00PM before it is posted. Still, stay tuned — we will have it up ASAP, and we will post it right here on

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