Snow Day Bible Study is FINALLY UP!

Well, it took long enough! My apologies — I had no idea it would take so long to upload and process. Maybe the Internet slows down for snow days, too, huh? Please fine below our “Snow Day Bible Study” on the topic of “What Is the Fate of the Devil?” And, please, as mentioned in the announcement, do not share this on social media (Facebook, etc.). Let’s keep it local, as if we were just all together.

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of your snowy Sabbath!

[EDIT, 2/27/2015: It’s been a week, so the¬†video has now been taken down. I hope those of you who used it to add to your “Snow Day” Sabbath benefitted from it! I am writing an LCN article on the topic which may be published in the near future. So, let’s all pray that this was our last Sabbath with canceled services for the rest of winter!]

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