(Last) Friday Night Greetings

The title doesn’t mean “the last Friday Night Greetings” but “Greetings from last Friday night”! The video I tried to post last week did not get completely uploaded to YouTube until well after I had gone to bed. So, I am posting it up tonight. My apologies if anything I say in the video is terribly dated! (You know how quickly fashion trends go out of style — one week might be too long!) For instance, I believe that I talk about the Pi Day thing in that video, which is now old news. Though, in a sense, it is still current news, as I am still receiving comments from readers about that Pi Day commentary, even though it is a week old. Oddly, I have received more comments from this one commentary than I have from any other commentary I have written for the Church, I believe, except possibly the one about whether or not Osama bin Laden is in hell or not. (Wow — did not make many friends with our readership with that one!)

Anyway — frankly, I am tuckered tonight, so posting last week’s video works out just fine! 🙂

Take care, and have a wonderful Sabbath! The video is below.


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