A special “Times Two” edition (with bloopers!) of “Five Questions” Friday Night Greetings from Charlotte!

Howdy, everyone! My wife and I are in Pennsylvania and looking forward to services in Pittsburgh and Akron tomorrow. I hope you had a wonderful week. It was a very busy and exciting one for us, and the Council of Elders meetings went very smoothly. Although we looked a bit while we could, we did not find a house. We’re still moving though! The trip was still helpful concerning the move, though, as I am just about sold on the idea of finding a rental here and having new construction done. It seems the best option for having a home that will suit our big ol’ family’s needs while still being within a range we can afford.

Also, I spoke to Mr. Phil Sena several times this week. He and his family are doing well, and I hope that your prayers for their transition to what is (for now) our neck of the woods. He may be making a pre-move trip sometime soon to scope out possible homes in Ohio.

I look forward to making the rounds and seeing everyone over the next couple of weeks, and I will discuss the Council meetings and the trip when I do. Until then, I do have a Friday Night Greetings video, tonight! I know that I have not been as diligent with them recently as I used to be, but I hope to make up for them tonight with a very special edition.

We recorded this one over at Mr. & Mrs. John Robinson’s house with their beautiful kiddos Maddie and Ella, and we decided that we would put fellow dinner guests Justin and Haley Ridgeway through their paces with a “Five Questions” Friday Night Greetings video (admittedly, recorded Thursday night). A few things to note: (1) Mr. Ridgeway’s striking tattoos are present courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corp, which he “visited” in the pre-conversion time of his life. No, I did not give him those tattoos myself earlier that evening. 🙂 (2) His sweet wife, on the other hand, he got from the Church. Definitely a better deal. 🙂 (3) The sound was pretty quiet in places, and when my wife edited it all together she adjusted the sound so that the entire thing should be audible. (Good job, Sweetie!) If it’s still too hard to hear, then pretend we are saying whatever you want. (4) With the lovely Robinson daughters acting as our advertising girls again, we needed to do a touch of editing (as mentioned above), which has given us, for the first time, Friday Night Greetings Bloopers! Watch for just a few of them at the end.

Clearly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously! It was a wonderful evening full of wonderful company.

So, here is the video, below. We love you and look forward to seeing Pittsburgh and Akron tomorrow and Cincy and Columbus next week!

[And by the way: No, I do not know why my hair looks like that in the video. Apparently there was a sale on “Choir Boy Cuts ‘R’ Us.” :)]

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