Pentecost Approacheth!

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another Friday Night Greetings post! Eventually we will have more up here than just my mug yakking at you every Friday night, but for now it will have to do.

Actually, we did add one new thing this week: a Google calendar. You can click on the tab towards the top of this page labeled “Calendar” and it will take you to — guess! — the calendar. I know that individually, some of our congregations track local events very well on your own systems, and I am not trying to replace those necessarily. However, having one location for area-wide events can be helpful. Right now the calendar only contains the remaining 2010 Holy Days and the dates of the Missouri and Pennsylvania Camps, since those are the two that affect most folks here. (I did not add the Texas camp because I did not know of anyone in this area going, though, come to think of it, I should have added the Adventure camp.) In the future, we’ll try to add a form for submitting new events and some guidelines for determining what events go onto the calendar.

Also, we made a great deal of progress in trying to decide how to best serve all four churches in terms of my personal speaking schedule — more on that to come. (Actually, I think I discuss it in tonight’s Friday Night Greetings video, I’m not sure.)

For now, as I write this the Sabbath is just about to start, so I’m going to head on upstairs and spend time with my family while my tummy finishes digesting this absolutely fantastic steak, potatoes, and cheesecake-for-dessert dinner my wonderful wife made for us earlier. Have a wonderful Sabbath, a meaningful Pentecost, and tonight’s Friday Night Greetings video should be just below…

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