"Do the first works"

Howdy, all, and I hope your Sabbath is off to a fine start. The Friday Night Greetings video is below. It is a fine example of how you can tell early on when it is going to be a long video: when I start off by saying that I don’t plan on making it a long video. 🙂 Good thing YouTube limits me to 10 minutes, huh?

I babble a bit in the video, but I actually do have a point to make: that Christ’s model for successful change is to do something and not just sit around and analyze endlessly, and the advice we’re given about changing our inner lives includes remembering to change our outer actions, whether the “feeling” is there, or not. To the Ephesus era that had lost its first love, Christ gives advice about getting that love back: “Repent and do the first works…”

We will be in Akron for services tomorrow, God willing, and then in Pittsburgh next Sabbath. But wherever you are, I pray that this evening finds you and yours in good circumstances. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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