Post-Camp Sabbath Greetings to everyone!

Howdy, all, and it is good to be back! As I mention in the Friday Night Greetings video, below, I don’t know why my greetings last Friday would not upload. I shot them from camp (well, a gas station near camp) with my iPhone, and normally it does not have that much trouble. As I type, I am trying to upload them again, and, if successful, I will post it right below tonight’s greetings. [UPDATE, 9:14PM: As of the posting time, it still will not load. If anything changes, I will post it here.]

Speaking of tonight’s greetings, here they are! Have a wonderful Sabbath, and I look forward to getting out to all of our areas and seeing you in the weeks to come! (Circuits start on July 24, so we’ll be seeing each other much more frequently after that. 🙂 )

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