Creation Weekend

Creation Weekend

Creation Weekend in Cincinnati — May 24-25, 2014

Many have asked us if we will be able to make any of the information presented available in some way. We are looking into that — give us some time to go over the video and audio, and hopefully we will be able to do that.

Meanwhile, to all of you who came out for the weekend: Thank you SO MUCH! All of us here in Cincinnati hope that you had a safe and profitable trip, and it was our privilege to try and serve you with this event.

I only have one more request for those of you who came: Would you please consider giving us some feedback? We have a Feedback Form designed for you to help give us your thoughts about the weekend while they are still fresh on your mind. I’d like to share your thoughts with Dr. Meredith and Mr. Ames and others, and they will make a big difference as to whether or not we do future weekends and what those weekends will be like. Anything you have to say will be greatly appreciated.

If you did not receive the Feedback Form in an e-mail, you can find it embedded below and can fill it out there. No particular question is “required,” so if there is a question for which you have no opinions or thoughts, feel free to skip it.

Thanks for doing this and thanks, again, for coming. I know all of us here really enjoyed having you as our guests, and it was a pleasure to have you here!

Warm regards,
Wallace Smith