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Creation Weekend in Cincinnati — Housing Information

[UPDATED – 4/24/2014: Link and info provided for the Lawrenceburg Holiday Inn Express. Also (4/26), note added to the Comfort Inn & Suites info.]

We’ve tried to find hotel deals for the weekend in the area, but most places are very upfront with us and say that they are likely to be completely booked on Memorial Day Weekend, even without the extra business that our group would provide. However, some places have still been kind enough to extend some discounts to us, and that information will be reported on this page.

As of this writing [4/18/2014] some of the information is still being settled — for instance, one of the Holiday Inns wants to set up a special “group code” for our guests to use when they book that will ensure the right rates apply. Consequently, some of the details are not going to be available on his page just yet. However, we will post what we do have as we get it. And we’ll at least give you some estimates of what is being worked out so you can properly budget.

Those things said, here are your options — the same options as given on the main page, but with more details:


We’d love to have enough space for everyone, but we just don’t! However, we would like to house everyone we can.

If you are interested in staying with a local family, please indicate this on the reservation form. Our local housing coordinator, Mr. Steve Woolley, will review all the information that comes in and will try to place as many people as he can, based on the submitted information, with local members who are making their houses available. He may need to contact you for additional information, so if you indicate that this is your preference, you may get a call from him.

Facts is facts, though, and most of you will likely need a hotel to stay in. The options below will list that information…


Here we will include information concerning hotel stays and discounts. However, some of you–as discussed on the main page–may find a better deal than what we list here, including the possibility of combining your hotel reservation with Creation Museum tickets for a package deal. On the possibilities of a package deal, the option below will discuss that. This section, rather, will assume that you are just looking for hotel space.

In all cases, if you can find a better deal on your own, go for it! We are making no commitments to any of these hotels concerning how many rooms they may book and we are getting nothing from them but the discount. So, please, by all means, feel free and book a different location. Also, in all cases, be sure you verify the details of your reservation (final cost, when they will debit your card, what the cancellation policy will be, etc.) and get a confirmation number.

Here are some of the hotels we have talked to and the discounts they are offering to us.


The hotels in Lawrenceburg are about 15 minutes away from where we will be meeting for Sabbath services and our presentations, but they are only about 5 minutes (according to advertising) from the Creation Museum, so they may be a good consideration for some of you. Also, so far we are finding some cheaper rates for some there as opposed to hotels closer to the meeting place in Cincinnati, itself. Here are some we’ve looked at:

– – – – – – – – – –
765 East Eads Pkwy, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
[UPDATED – 4/24/2014]

The Holiday Inn Express in Lawrenceburg is a very nice place and is offering a really good discount compared to their normal Memorial Day Weekend rates, especially for Sunday night. HOWEVER, the rates are only good until MAY 9, so if you are interested you will want to book this place ASAP. They are holding 10 rooms for us and can add more if we need them to.

You can use the link below to make your reservations or you can do so on their normal website. Regardless, you may need our 3-letter group code which is “LCG” (go figure, right?). If you use the link, the code might be built in.

Here are the rates they are offering (as always, verify details at booking):

  • Friday Night: $104.99/night
  • Saturday Night: $104.99/night
  • Sunday Night: $80.99/night

Here is the link to reserve the group rates on the Internet:

You can also call the hotel and book on the phone, though be sure to mention our group code “LCG.” Here’s the number: 877-834-3613

– – – – – – – – – –

1610 Flossie Drive, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
Phone: (812) 539-3600

[UPDATE – 4/25/2014: I have heard from some that the discounts below may not be in the system at the Comfort Inn & Suites. One family said that they were told that their coordinator (me) needed to talk to Jackie, the manager. Jackie is exactly who I did speak to, so there does seem to be a mix up with the system. They did say, though, that they were given the discount. I will contact Jackie after the Sabbath and make sure anything that needs to be fixed is fixed.]

The manager, Jackie, at the Comfort Inn & Suites is giving us a nice discount compared to their regular prices for that weekend. If you book here, please mention that you are with the LIVING CHURCH OF GOD and are asking for the discounted rates offered for our group. Here are the pre-tax rates you should expect to get (but be sure and check!):

Discounted Prices (as always, verify details at booking)

  • Friday Night: $104.99/night
  • Saturday Night: $104.99/night
  • Sunday Night: $89.99/night

– – – – – – – – – –

1000 East Eads Pkwy, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
Phone: (812) 539-3600

We are having a pending discussion with the manager of this economy hotel and expect to have some sort of discount made available. To give you a sense for your budgeting and planning, however, listed below are their regular pre-tax rates, visible at Don’t book, yet, as we are hoping to get a discount. Also, we’ve heard from one report that we might want to check out this place personally before we can recommend it in any way. It is an “economy” hotel, so it might be “buyer beware.” When we can check it out and finalize prices, we will report back here ASAP. But since the prices below are the regular prices and are not too far below the prices mentioned above for other places, if we can get no discount you might want to consider the others.

Undiscounted prices (for informational purposes–still looking into this one):

  • Friday Night: $99.99/night
  • Saturday Night: $109.99/night
  • Sunday Night: $84.99/night

If we do get a discount or–for that matter–do not, we will post the information on the website.


We are talking to the Holiday Inn Express in Cincinnati West (5505 Rybolt Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248), which will be much closer to the place where we are usually meeting (5 minutes), though further from the Creation Museum (15-20 minutes). We will report back here ASAP with any discounted rates we obtain.


In some cases, you may wish to purchase a Package deal: A hotel stay plus tickets to the Creation Museum. These are offered by at least some of the Lawrenceburg hotels we’ve listed above (for instance, the Holiday Inn Express in Lawrenceburg) and you may want to investigate them and compare prices for your family.

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Our trip to the Museum is planned for Sunday, May 25. If you have to specify a day for the tickets, be sure to specify that day.
  • Some packages may want to bundle multiple days at the Museum, so just keep an eye out.

Again, we have no deals with any particular hotel, so if you find an offer that will work for your family’s situation, please feel free and take advantage of it. And we believe there will be more than enough people to obtain “group” pricing for the Museum, so your use of such an option will not cause us any problems in that way.

The Creation Museum has a list of hotels they officially recommend, some of which, at least, do offer such packages. If you would like to look at their lodging page, you can click here.

That’s all we have!

We will update this webpage as more becomes available, so check back! And if we can be of any further help to you, please do let us know. Our housing is being coordinated by Mr. Steve Woolley, and he can be reached at 513-265-2310 or by e-mail at “only2goats” AT gmail DOT com. (Trying to protect him from spam! Just replace “AT” with “@” and “DOT” with “.”)