Bible Study

[NOTE FOR 2/21/2015: Howdy! In the event that you are here looking for the “Snow Day” Bible Study I am posting for our area on 2/21/2015, just click here.]

UPDATE: Dates updated below. Plus, you are invited to suggest what booklet you’d like to use as the next Bible Study focus in the comments below.

yudBIBLE STUDYYour Ultimate Destiny

Akron: 9/13/2014
Pittsburgh: Date TBD. Will be after services on a Sabbath after the Feast.
Columbus: 9/20/2014
Cincinnati: 9/21/2014

Study what the Bible says on this topic using the booklet and the self-quiz provided here as an aid. We will use the self-quiz as an “outline” during the Bible Study, venturing into other, related areas and passages here and there. You can find a link to the online booklet below (you can also download a PDF copy there), as well as a link to download the self-quiz PDF.

Link to Booklet’s page on the Tomorrow’s World website

Link to the Self-Quiz