FNG and some sights and sounds from the Charlotte Weekend!

Howdy, everyone! My apologies that this is so late. Once again, it is more of a “Sabbath Morning Greetings”… Still, it was fun to do something a little different. I hope that you enjoy the micro clips I assembled in tonights video showing some of the sights and sounds of this first night of the Charlotte Anniversary Weekend! Almost 300 folks were here tonight for Mr. Ames’ Bible Study (which was fantastic), and about 600-or-so are expected tomorrow. And by the way: The “Saturnalia Bush” you may see here and there in the hallway in the video is not ours. 🙂 The hotel here has some decorations out, but thankfully it is minimal. (Reminds me of what Daniel may have had to put up with in Babylon!) The hall itself has nothing, which is nice.

Take care, and have a beautiful Sabbath! The video is below.


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