Thinking through the consequences of lying about “Santa”

Howdy, everyone. I hope that you are safe and warm, wherever you are.

The video below goes on a little long, so I will save most of what I have to say for the video. Let me just mention something here concerning the funeral of Mrs. Gwen Bennett. It will be Monday at 2:00PM at Bell Center Cemetery near Royal Center, Indiana. Well, the burial is there — they are letting the family have an indoor room for a brief service, due to the inclement weather (they were just going to have a graveside service), and that may not be exactly at the Bell Center Cemetery (which doesn’t seem to have a building on the grounds), but Earle Bennett says it is within a mile of that. Regardless, finding an address for the cemetery has proven difficult, so I am providing a link to a Google Map of the cemetery that you can use to get directions if you need to. (Bell Center Cemetery in Indiana is actually indicated on Google’s map, and it matches the directions given to me.) You can follow this link to that map. Be sure to listen to announcements during services for more details if you are considering attending.

Tonight’s video is below. Have a wonderful Sabbath!


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