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My apologies — no Friday Night Greetings, tonight! Enjoy this instead

Well, I feel terrible, but I don’t have a Friday Night Greetings video to put out tonight, and I apologize to those of you who may have kept checking the website to see if one would show up. Frankly, after Mr. & Mrs. Ames arrived and then the Robinsons, there was so much fun discussion […]

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More Creation Weekend news and some thoughts on assumptions

Howdy, everyone, and I hope your Sabbath is off to a wonderful start! Ours certainly is. Before we get to the Friday Night Greetings video, let me mention some news about the Creation Weekend. Folks are signing up! Even locally, if you are going to participate in the weekend, please do sign up on the […]

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Sunset-synchronized Sabbath salutations!

Howdy, all! The Friday Night Greetings video tonight is fairly brief and mainly full of me babbling a bit about how much I like spring. Also, thanks to all of you praying for the Creation Weekend — the plans came together nicely in a number of ways this week, and many big things were finally […]

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Intro video added to Creation Weekend page

Howdy! For those of you looking for the usual Friday Night Greetings video, it is in the post just below this one. You can click here to go there quickly. However, I also wanted to point out that the Creation Weekend page has been updated with a new Introduction Video. Next week, the registration form will […]

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Greetings from outdoors (yay, Spring!)

Howdy, everyone, and how nice it is to be experiencing Spring weather! This is how the Spring Holy Days should feel, as far as I am concerned. Snow last year on Passover was a very odd experience for me, and it’s nice to see that we are unlikely to have a repeat. 🙂 The video tonight is very […]

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“Noah” movie comments and thoughts on true foundations

Howdy, everyone! Today’s Friday Night Greetings is longer than usual. A bit of babbling, some talk about the Creation Weekend, comments about the Noah movie “gracing” theaters (Yep: It’s Satanic), and thoughts motivated by the mudslide disaster in Washington. Quite a potpourri of randomness — still, I hope it is profitable. Have a wonderful Sabbath! […]

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“Creation Weekend” and thoughts on perspective and enduring

Howdy, everyone! Actually getting the Friday Night Greetings video out early! Don’t get excited–I can’t imagine I will make a habit of it. :^) In tonight’s video I make a few comments about the “Creation Weekend” we are hosting in this area over Memorial Day Weekend. We have added a page to this website for […]

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