Update on dad and thoughts on love as a choice

Howdy, everyone, and I hope your Sabbath is off to a beautiful start! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Cincy and Columbus tomorrow. Tonight’s greetings video is below. My apologies — I had the microphone on my dresser where it is under the air conditioning, and I think at times the air comes on and makes a bit of a noise. Also, the bookshelves behind me are a mess, but they are an honest mess. 🙂 We had been planning on building new bookshelves to accommodate all of my books, but with the pending move it doesn’t seem to make sense to do so.

In the video tonight there’s a bit of an update about my father-in-law as well as a few comments (or more than a few) about love and some misconceptions we can accidentally fall into. That video is below. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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