Generally video-less greetings from Charlotte

Howdy, everyone, and a warm Sabbath greetings to you from Charlotte! There’s no Friday Night Greetings video tonight, as we’re all just about bedded down, and I don’t want to wait for my slow connection to upload a video before I enjoy a wonderful “Wow, I’m so thankful it’s the Sabbath and I am going to enjoy my rest!” collapse. 🙂

However, if you want to possibly see some video, you can check out this website:

Some events have been live streamed from here there, such as the sports on Thursday and some of the seminars, and I believe that on the Sabbath, itself, they will stream the hymn sing beginning at 10:45am and Mr. Monson’s Bible Study from 11:00am to 12 noon. The website looks like it has a saved video of my Singles Seminar from this (Friday) morning, but when I click on it I only hear a few words, so I’m not sure that it will play. My Bible Study here, tonight, was live streamed, as well, but I don’t know if they will have it available as a recording or not. They tell me that there were about 436 computers connecting tonight to watch the Bible Study — that’s a lot!

[UPDATE: Just checked the link again, and the Bible Study is now working. It is, at the moment, actually several hours of blank video, with the camera left on displaying a message that the Bible Study was going to begin at 7:30pm. If you skip to time marker 4:30:00 (a little past half of the video), the whole meeting tonight is there, with the hymns, announcements, and special music, and then the Bible Study begins a little after time marker 4:53:00. It lasts a little more than an hour, then there is a hymn and closing prayer. — WGS]

We love you — take care, and have a beautiful and uplifting Sabbath!

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