FNG is back! Plus: Some thoughts on the state of “freedom of expression”

Howdy, everyone, and it is good to be back! My apologies that I did not get a greeting out over the last two weekends, but it is nice to break the streak tonight, even though it is a bit late!

Before I get to the video, though, let me highlight four other items.

FIRST: There is now a page set up for the CINCINNATI AUCTION for 2015. It contains photos of some of the items that will be auctioned for the sake of those who would like to bid but will not be physically in Cincinnati. See the page for more details — you can click above in the main menu or you can click here: Cincinnati Auction 2015. The form on the page for requesting an opportunity to bid on an item by phone will only be available this week and will be ignored after sundown on Friday. See the page there for more details. Also, more item photos will be added as the week progresses, so be sure to check back over the course of the week!

SECOND: The Speaking Schedule is available at the “Current Speaking Schedule” link on the right. It includes dates for a variety of activities, so please feel free to check it out.

THIRD: The Spokesman Club page is available again, and a link to it can be seen above in the main menu. The page lists this year’s officers and scheduled meeting dates (plus times and locations), and it also has some resources for you, such as downloadable Spokesman Club and Graduate Club manuals.

FOURTH: If you have never looked at the “Calendar” page here on the website, you might give it a try. I will try to keep it more up-to-date concerning activities. Currently, it lists all known activities over the next few months, including Spokesman Club dates, and locations. (All Cincy meetings are at the Waynes’ offices and do not have a location listed.) Just click on an item to see additional details if they are available.

FINALLY: Here’s tonight’s greetings video. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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